New: glass keyboard in folding metal tablet

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For the laboratory and clean rooms

We are very happy to announce the arrival of a version of the B45 glass touch keyboard in foldaway tablet.

The flush integration of the keyboard B45 in the tablet and the absence of gap predestine this new product to laboratory applications, clean room.

Compliant with high hygiene standards, this keyboard is resistant to all industrial cleaning products. Of course, like the keyboard B45 keyboard, this keyboard has an XXL touchpad mouse, a function pose for cleaning and feedback sound and haptic (vibrator) adjustable. The dust and liquid proof keyboard is rated IP65. There is no apparent cable of course. There are two versions of tablets, an aluminum version for the medical and a stainless version for the laboratory or the clean room. The tablet also includes a USB hub for connecting a barcode reader or a USB stick for example. A rotation damper makes it easy to handle the tablet.

Availability: October 2019

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The Niconix Team

Glass keyboard in folding metal tablet
Glass keyboard in folding metal tablet

A real innovation

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